Blue-chip NFT in the making?

Drunk Robots are a collection of 10,000 brilliantly illustrated pop-art generative NFTs. Our entire collection is 100% hand-drawn original art. Composed from over 150 attributes and visual traits, every Drunk Robot is totally unique with 3,200,000 possible combinations. Each Drunk Robot NFT generated is cross checked to ensure it's 100% unique. No 2 Robots will be the same.

Unique Graphic Token Name
Plate on each NFT

Drunk Robots are tokenized on the Ethereum platform and come with all the benefits therein: holders enjoy verifiable ownership of a scarce digital asset on the most popular blockchain, and can be bought, sold, and traded on all NFT markets like OpenSea. Newly minted Drunk Robots are instantly revealed under the "My Robots" menu and will be available under your Opensea account as public mint closes.

More than just awesome NFTs

More than just a global NFT project, we’re making Drunk Robots a brand starting with exclusive merchandising. In collaboration with cozomo.com, the Drunk Robots team is developing exclusive A-game merchandise available only to DR holders - starting with our premium, limited edition full custom Drunk Robots tee's, caps 'n underwear.

Beyond this first Drunk Robot NFT collection, DR token holders will be first inline for our up coming collaborative DR NFT project with 4 well known artists codenamed "SUDO". Additional details on SUDO will be made available to token holders soon.

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