The Lost Drunk Robots have Been Found

Originally part of the Drunk Robots series, a handful vanished during production, earning them the moniker - Missing Robots. Recently rediscovered at the Fortran 5 facility, these 777 wayward bots have self-reconstructed using spare parts and miscellaneous components. Setting them apart from their counterparts, the Lost Robots possess a rebellious edge, embodying a spirit of mischief and defiance.

Now emerging on the SEI Network, this eclectic troupe of hybrid Zoilo and Drunk Robots showcases a diverse array of new characteristics, drawing inspiration from the less savory corners of their digital world. Anticipate their official minting debut next week, with priority access granted to our esteemed OG Robot holders. Join us as we embark on this thrilling journey to unearth and embrace the enigmatic allure of "The Lost Robots.



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