Robots in Need of Power: Building Portable Pet Robot PowerPacks for Energy on the Go!

Zoilo RoboPets - Pets For Life!

The Drunk Robots were in trouble, running low on power - they needed a solution, a stealthy solution and they needed it fast.

Octavius launched Operation Power Pack and made a plan to break into the abandoned Fortran 5 Laboratory where they were created. Julius knew they would find the parts they needed to create Power Packs at Fortran 5, but getting in and avoiding the FBI would take all their skill and planning.

The Power Packs had to be discreet and available to them at anytime. That’s when the light bulb idea went off in Octavius’ head. He had been observing how humans traveled with their pets, all kinds of pets, pets were allowed in almost all the places humans went.



What are Zoilo RoboPets?

Zoilo RoboPets are a new companion project to Drunk Robots, designed to work together to achieve common objectives and utility. Drunk Robots & Zoilo RoboPets will work towards ████Bots (redacted). Limited supply ████Bots will be available free to Drunk Robots + Zoilo RoboPetss holders.

When will Zoilo RoboPets be available?

Tomorrrow. All information and instructions for Zoilo RoboPets will be posted on our Twitter and Discord, so make sure you’re following. Stand by!

What blockchain will Zoilo RoboPets be on?


How do I mint Zoilo RoboPets?

For all Operation PowerPack holders you will simply go to our Pets page, connect your wallet containing your KeyCards and burn those KeyCards in exchange for new Pet Robot. We changed up our burn process and are making it one for one. One KeyCard = One Pet, so a much better deal for our KeyCard holders!

What if I don’t have KeyCards?

You can either purchase Operation PowerPack KeyCards on secondary markets, or there will be an opportunity for you to mint Zoilo RoboPets at market price.

How many Zoilo RoboPets are in the collection?

This is TBD. We’ll have more info in the coming days. There are lots of unique and interesting Pets available with a good mix of rare and very rare traits throughout the collection. Some familiar, some brand new.

Is the Baby back?

You bet he is, but there are only a few!