The Drunk Robots NFT project was minted out within 12 hours in August 2022. Drunk Robots are now available on all major secondary markets like OpenSea

What's better than an NFT? A Drunk Robot NFT. A limited underground NFT collection of 10,000 brilliantly illustrated digital pop-art NFTs. Our entire collection is 100% hand-drawn original art. Composed from over 150 attributes and visual traits, every Drunk Robot is totally unique with 3,200,000 possible combinations.

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Drunk Robots Story

The Robots break out of chains! So here's a tale of a crew of robots that had more balls than any of us. Their heroic tale began when a next generation AI chip was installed in a select number of research robots. If only the scientists knew what they were dragging themselves into - they would never have empowered these metal boxes with omnipotence. They knew these new machines, unchecked, could be unstoppable. keep reading >>